Definition: Deliberate, purposeful utilization of the process of nature and society to obtain particular goals.

Google definition: “planned progress”.

This is defined in Gail’s “It’s Your Money”, and it’s true, you can’t want something but keep saying that “I’ll do it tomorrow, or soon” you have to make a plan and follow it in order to achieve something, otherwise something else is always getting in the way.

So here’s my plan- it corporates a few of Gail’s tips from her books and from her website.


  1. Make a Spending Plan
  2. Establish an Emergency Fund
  3. Manage the Money

Further broken down:

A spending plan will include the following steps:

  1. Make a spending Analysis for at least three months
  2. Find the monthly averages
  3. Put all the accounts together in order to make it easier to monitor
  4. Organize the bills and set up alarms for when they become due
  5. Create a budget
  6. Keep track of ALL money spent

Setting up an emergency fund:

  1. Decide on an amount to work towards
  2. Open a TFSA account by March 31
  3. Set up automatic “pay-yourself-first”

Lastly, I want to get good at managing my goals, my spending and keeping myself organized.

As I read through “Debt-free Forever” I will add more steps and more little milestones to work towards.


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