Weekly Spending March 3-9/14

Day  Amount Item    
Monday  $           –        
Tuesday  $           –        
Wednesday  $       4.15 Sbux Balance  $  20.85
Thursday  $       4.15 Booster Juice    
Friday  $    28.80 LCBO    
Saturday  $       4.15 Sbux Balance  $  16.70
Sunday  $           –        
Total  $    41.25      

While I was debating how I should start this blog, I started keeping track of where my money was going each day.

I have a little agenda type-book, most likely from the dollar store, that I carry around and write down every transaction in. I usually keep the receipt- but sometimes I forget to ask for it.

First week of tracking down. Only spent $41.25. That’s not too bad!

During the work week, my goal is not to spend more than $20 on food or snacks or anything while I’m at work. I was lucky to receive a number of Starbucks gift cards for Christmas and my birthday, I’m still going to count it as real money. This way I won’t go to Starbucks every day.

I also forgot that I had a gift card for the LCBO, so I used real money, and bought two bottles of wine instead of one, because I know my mom likes that one as well.

The weekend, is a “different” budget. Haven’t really gotten to working that part out- that’s where my real budget will come in with the different spending categories… but more on that at a later time.

Overall, I’m okay with how I spent my money this week.

Let’s hope it always feels and is this easy.


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