Weekly Spending March 17-23/14

Day Amount Item
Monday  $      5.20 Lunch
Tuesday  $      3.00 subway token
Wednesday  $      1.60 coffee
Thursday  $      5.00 co-worker
 $    34.97 Pizza Pizza dinner
Friday  $      3.60 Tim’s
 $    14.68 Grand and Toy
 $    41.36 Groceries
Saturday  $      8.93 sbux bal: 4.46
 $      2.63 Harvey’s
Sunday  $      1.00 Dollarstore
 $    15.73 Wal-Mart
 $    38.86 sushi
Total  $  176.56


This was a rough spending week for me. Ouch, almost $200 a week. Plus last week was pretty high too.  At this rate… I won’t get too far.

I had a few unforeseen expenses, such as the $5 for the co-workers gift, and the subway token, as well,  I bought myself a very pretty and handy storage box for filing.

I spent a lot of money on food and groceries this week, as I had to fend for myself a few nights- but only ate out once for lunch, plus once for breakfast.


Rough, rough, rough.

I didn’t expect to spend this much in the last 2 weeks.


Goal for this coming week: NO expense weekend. It seems that’s where I spend the most money.


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