Weekly Spending March 24-30/14

Day  Amount Item
Monday         37.11 Interest on Loan
          8.68 Thai Express
Tuesday                –
Wednesday           3.20 Sbux bal: $ 1.26
        62.15 Body Shop
          3.70 Bagel Shop
Thursday         42.94 Old Navy
Friday         34.44 Dinner
        12.50 Dessert
Saturday                –
Sunday                –
Total  $  204.72


Here is the last week of the first Month of tracking. I’m not overly impressed with myself this week. Although I didn’t spend too much money on food, I went shopping- online shopping.

I recently signed up for Swagbucks and Great Canadian Rebates. Great idea right?! Wrong! It’s making me spend money so I can earn money back! At least I’m getting something back? But that’s not a good excuse.

Anyways, no more shopping. The only time I will shop through these websites is if I ACTUALLY need and was going to buy something anyways.

April is just around the corner, chance to start all over, improve and stay on track.



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