March Spending Recap and Looking forward to April


This is the final March breakdown (Sorry for the terrible quality-I will get better at this). My Total Spending was $555.72 for the four weeks. Above is the breakdown, with Shopping being the largest category(22%), of course.


But no use in living in the past, let’s look ahead to April, which will hopefully be more successful in management and actually paying off some debt.


Here’s my to do/wish list/ task list for April 2014:

-Make some legit payments to my loan

-File my taxes and use the refund to pay down my loan

-More $0 weekends (Aiming for every other weekend)

-Have 1 no-spend work week (5 Days)

-Finish Gail’s book

-Do the activities in her book and write about them

-I really want to do a “30 day shopping detox” but I have a few things coming up that I know I’m going to need to spend money on 😦

-Those things being: Friends’ birthdays and might be buying some stuff for my trip

-Start searching for an apartment and work on a budget of what having an apartment added will do to my cash flow and budget

-Speaking of budgets, ACTUALLY make one

-Pay off my credit card (by April 9th)

-Research and learn more about using credit correctly

– Prepare food to take with me for my exam on April 21- a.k.a not spend money on campus

-Going to a baseball game this Saturday-Have a great time, but don’t spend any money on food- maybe 1 $10 beer is allowed


That’s enough tasks for one month I’d say! Wish me luck, and let me know what goals you have for the upcoming month!




2 thoughts on “March Spending Recap and Looking forward to April

  1. Seems like if you stay true to cutting the shopping and Starbucks out you would cut out a quarter of your expenses in just those two cutbacks. You can do it.



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