Weekly Spending March 30-April 6/14

Day  Amount Item
Monday  $       3.15 cupcake
 $       0.43 finance charge
 $    28.00 sushi
Tuesday  $       5.41 Sbux bal: 0
Wednesday  $       1.00 cookie
 $       3.00 token
 $    20.90 GO train
 $       3.00 bus
Thursday  $    19.50 groceries
Friday  $       5.65 lunch
 $       3.00 subway
Saturday  $    40.00 ticket to baseball game
 $       4.15 coffee
 $    14.38 dinner
Sunday  $    30.89 gym-cc-last month
Total  $  182.46


There was a few things that were not planned to be purchased this week, like sushi and groceries. I also forgot that the gym charges my card monthly- so that charge actually occurred on the 15th, not yesterday, but I forgot to include it in the correct week, so here it is now.


I’m giving fish up for this month, so I had to have sushi one last time before that could happen. And it was at dinner time so double the price.

I didn’t plan my transport charges properly (which my parents pay for) so I had to cover one trip on the GO train, and I also went to see an apartment so I needed separate money for that.


Overall, not a great week, BUT this week I literally have $10 cash and this is all I’m going to allow myself for the week. The weekend will be slightly expensive again, as it is my bestie’s birthday so lots of drinks will be brought- and a present this week or next.

Also,  I ran out of money on my Starbucks card, so that’s sad. We’ll see how long I last until I reload it again.


Goals for this week:

-see some apartments

-finish Gail’s book and post at least one of the activities

-pay my credit card off


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