Spring Cleaning Financially


Spring is FINALLY here…about time, I’d say!

This got me thinking about spring cleaning..my closet, my room, my wallet and also my email.

I probably get about 5-7 emails a day from stores or sites that I have purchased from or signed up for. That’s a lot of temptation to buy in one day! But that’s how they get you with a great sale, deals of the day or “member exclusives”!

My take- if I don’t see it, I won’t buy it. So this morning I went through my inbox and set up a folder for all these emails. They can go directly to this folder not inbox, so I don’t have to see them every day.  I also set up my rules to only keep the oldest one. Keeps my email from getting full- Bonus!

I like keeping the latest one, JUST in case I am shopping, I can see if there’s a discount available to use.

As for my wallet, I must confess- I have two. One for all my point cards and gift cards and one that with my debit card(s) and credit card and where I collect my receipts.  I really should just combine them, but the pretty one I’m using is pretty.  But I went through and cleaned them out of any receipts and put the cards into their slots so they are visible and accessible.

I also found this post today: http://www.learnvest.com/2014/04/gabrielle-bernstein-clean-wallet/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=internal&utm_campaign=Friday%20One%20Daily%202014-04-11 about cleaning out wallets!

If you need help organizing your inbox to move emails by themselves or to set up rules, shoot me a comment or a email!


Happy Spring! 🙂



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