Weekly Spending April 7-14/14

Day Amount Item
Monday 0
Tuesday 1.25 Bagel
Wednesday 0
Thursday 0
Friday 0
Saturday 31.71 Cab
Sunday 33.42 Breakfast
total 66.38


This week was rather successful I’d say! I managed not to waste any money during the week by bringing my lunch every day.

As well, on the weekend I spent slightly less money than I thought I would because BF was soo kind and paid my tab as well ($30), so I bought him breakfast the next day and I’ll take him out for something else this week or so to pay him back.

As for my goals from last week:

-see some apartments- Success! I even found one I’m going to be moving into- more on that late.

-finish Gail’s book and post at least one of the activities- Fail. Still not done.

-pay my credit card off- Success!

Goals for this week:

-focus on studying

-finalize budget for May

-post 1 or 2 activities from Gail’s book



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