I found my first apartment! On my way to being a real grown up!

Almost a year ago, I graduated University and moved back home with my folks. Coming back after four years took some getting used to, but it eventually sunk in that..I live with my parents.

I quickly realized it’s not for me, and I couldn’t wait to get out on my own. Living at home is such a luxury, but I’m ready to leave the nest.

Plans are always great until life gets in the way. The original plan was to move out with a gal pal from school around October, just before winter comes so I wouldn’t have to commute so long to work; but then about a month ago, my parents found the home of their dreams which is just a tad bit out of the city- which meant a more difficult commute for me. Hence, the timeline to moving out was adjusted by a few months. Unfortunately, as much as my gal pal was ready to take this step with me, her budget did not allow to do so this soon.

By chance, a co-worker overheard that I was looking for a place- and she needed a roommate- so I’m gonna go ahead and say it was fate. Although, I’m still planning on moving out with the original gal pal later this year, I am currently saved from the commute that I was dreading. With that being said, this is all very exciting! But mostly scary!

The reality is that I need to be financially mature as I now have obligations, and I can’t go running to mom and dad when I’ve shopped all my money away and can’t pay rent.

Over the past month or so I have really stepped up my game in becoming financially educated (added result:this blog) and disciplined in order to be able to handle opportunities like this, and also because it was about time to grow up.

Before I move out:

– come up with first and last month’s rent  (out of April pay cheques)

– make a budget for May

– downgrade gym membership

– make a list of all the appliances and supplies we will need for the new apartment

– make a list for all the new things I will need to buy (I have a feeling this will be long and expensive)

– save as much money this month to use next month so I don’t go into the negative-that would be really sad

– go though my current things (clothes, stuff) and empty out/ sell


Any tips or experiences from moving out on your own?




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