Weekly Spending Recap April 21-27/14

Every time I go to write the date, I always want to write March… Maybe because the weather outside makes it seem like it’s still March. It’s been brutal the last couple days- rainy and really chilly.

On to the fun stuff (or not so fun):

Day Amount Item
Monday 16.66 Chapters- Gail’s Book
Tuesday 5.65 Lunch
Wednesday 40.98 Dress Alterations
Thursday 40.96 Interest
Friday 3.62 Starbucks
7.78 Lunch
4.16 Booster Juice
Saturday 18.00 BBW
10.00 Nails
4.36 Snack
3.60 Coffee
18.43 La Senza
Sunday 33.90 Income Tax Prep
Total 204.48


This week was a little bit on the pricey side. My mom and I ended up hitting up the mall on Saturday to get some things I needed for the trip- which ended up in her buying me a couple work shirts and a white blazer- HOLA at yo girl! Mommy’s so generous.

The La Senza charge was actually something I needed, I’m going to we wearing a backless dress to the wedding next week… enough said. And I had to pay big bucks to get said dress altered, because I bought it in a size large.. I just really loved it- and it was on sale way back when. But I ended up paying more in alterations then it actually cost. 😦

The unexpected purchase was the BBW (Bath and Body Works)  I went to exchange a candle, but instead bought a bunch of soaps, so I had to pay the difference.

Now on to actually exciting things:

I leave for my trip to the Dominican tomorrow! 😀 WOOOT!

I’ll be sure to post as soon as I get back! Have a lovely week!



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