Fast Food- Gaining Fat and Losing Money

I found this article today on LearnVest today:

This has been something I have been struggling with lately. Being so busy with moving and work, and also getting back into the groove of feeding myself, I have found that I have been eating out a lot more than usual or than when I lived at home.

The cost is a big issue of course, because it adds up quite quickly, plus fast food isn’t necessarily cheap- the food is, but not the cost. A combo meal at most places runs for at least 7 dollars.

Even though I can’t necessarily eat at traditional fast food places since I’m vegetarian, I’ve noticed that lately even McDonald’s now has a “veg” option: the Wraps. I found myself in a McDonald’s over the weekend buying a MEAL.

More so than the money, the worst part is how it affects our health. Does anyone really believe that those  veggie wraps are good for them? Especially when paired with fries and a drink.

Let’s have a look:



1070 Calories!!!! Holy! Never mind the 50% of your daily sodium!

This is all not good, the money, the fat. It’s not worth it. Yes, it tastes good at the time-but it’s literally taking years off my life.

From now, I have decided that every time I have the urge to eat out- I will document the time and money that it would have cost me- go home, make a sandwich or a salad or whatever- and put the money in my savings!

What’s your take on fast food and eating out? Is it slowly killing us and making us poor?



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