Weekly Spending Recap June 2-8/2014

Day  Amount  Item
Monday  $    64.00 Groupon-dinner for the  12th
Tuesday  $    14.28 Dinner-bf
Wednesday  $      9.03 Allergy Pills
   $    39.16 Groceries
Thursday  $    40.51 Dinner-friends from out of town
Friday  $      2.68 Sbux
Saturday  $    16.95 Flowers-engagement party
   $  160.00 Gift-engagement party
Sunday  $    10.72 drink
   $      2.26 sbux
Total  $  359.59


Looks like I haven’t posted these for a while… I’ve been bad lately. But I am back to being committed to this blog and my journey.

I think that the moving and the reality of how much money I had to spend on the apartment and during the move threw me off the wagon briefly. But I am back with renewed commitment. 

I actually do have these recaps typed out on my laptop at home so I will post them.

I think I’m starting to form an idea about what is the “norm” for my spending. So some groceries here and there and the odd coffee. this week was definitely pricey for extras: such as dinners and gifts. I’m not happy with the amount I’ve spent on outside food. No lunches, I’ve managed to make my lunch every day but I’ve pretty much cancelled that by going out to dinner. 

How was your week?



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