I made Quiche! And joined a running club


I hosted my first dinner party (party of 2) last night! It was either me making dinner or going out to a restaurant! Since I’m trying to spend less money, I thought making dinner was the most cost-effective way to treat my friend. I couldn’t find a dessert recipe that was easy enough/that I felt like making, so we ended up getting dessert from the bakery.

The total for this recipe was $29.51 including the lettuce and dressing for the accompanying salad. Dessert plus a bottle of Sprite for mix was $11.15. Total: $40.66. That’s dinner for just one at a restaurant. This was dinner for 2, lunch for 1, and lots of dessert left over, and a pie shell which will be used for a future recipe. Plus, I buy organic, so that counts for some of the price.

Overall, I think I did well and this showed me that most people are willing to skip on dinner if someone is willing to cook for them. If you enjoy cooking it’s totally worth it instead of going to a restaurant, and you can even ask your friends to bring some ingredients that they have on hand.

Now about running… a few weeks ago I decided that it would be a great idea to join the Lululemon Running Crew that’s offered through their store. It’s free and seeing others run is motivating (apparently). I convinced myself to go on Monday and it was actually not bad. I mean, for someone who can’t run for more than 2 minutes straight on the treadmill, I think I did well. I plan to go every Monday, hoepfully I can stick it out.

What are your thoughts on cooking for others, hosting dinner parties and group running?



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