Weekly Spending Recap- June 9-15/14

Day  Amount  Category Item
Monday        37.53 Groceries Loblows
Tuesday          3.41 Coffee Sbux
         11.83 Snacks GNC
         11.15 Groceries Loblows
Wednesday               –      
Thursdsay        12.59 Gifts Chapters
         14.58 Gifts Zara
         40.71 Gifts O.Noir
Friday        11.64 Snacks B.Juice
         20.00 Restaurants dinner/drinks
Saturday          7.00 Restaurants diner
         15.00 transportation cab
         10.00 entertainment cover
Sunday        71.93 Groceries Loblows
Total  $ 267.37

This was to be expected. It was a busy week and I had 2 grocery shops- one of them rather large. So I’m hoping I won’t need to go again this week.

I added the Category tab so I can easily filter once it comes time to put the totals in my budget. Good for me for being proactive.



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