I finally jumped on the TFSA band wagon


In my quest to become a saver I opened a TFSA. 

I decided this was as good of a time as any, so I just did it. I opened one with ING/Tangerine.

They are currently offering a bonus interest rate of 2.5%  which is great.

I’ve only been an Tangerine customer for a few months but I absolutely love it. They interest rates are pretty good, much better than my previous bank that’s for sure! And their customer service staff is quite useful- as opposed to USELESS as my old bank-who shall remain nameless.


When I signed up, I used my dad;s Orange Key and got an extra $25.00. SO WOHO! free money? Yes please! And when I switched my payroll over I got $75.00 bonus! double WOOHO.

If you’re thinking of switching over, use my Orange Key for an extra boost:

Your Orange Key is 40909554S1


What have your bank experiences been like? Do you have a bank that you love or hate?



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