Spending Recap- June 23-29/14

Day Amount Item Category
Monday 2.85 tims coffee
2.57 aroma coffee
22.6 gym gym
39.18 interest interest
Tuesday 494.85 cga education
612.5 rent rent
84.12 internet internet
Wednesday 5.9 pizza restaurants
7.9 shoppers Personal Care
4.52 Dollarstore education
4.84 Grand and Toy education
14.64 David’s tea groceries
Thursday 0
Friday 17.81 sushi restaurants
3.31 sbux coffee
8.44 walmart Personal Care
Sunday 15.81 old navy
Total: 1,341.84


Oh this week was bad, between rent, paying for the internet set and for my course…. just..sad. So much money went Bye Bye.

But on “stuff” I only spent $150.37, so that’s not the WORST week ever.

Monthly total coming up, so we’ll see how it looks overall.




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