Monthly Challenge- Half Way Point Check In


‘T was the day before payday… and all through the budgets, nothing was moving, not even a.. dime.

Doesn’t rhyme as well as the original, but it’s entertaining.

As of this morning I have $3.98 left before pay day tomorrow! Hooray! I may end up spending it on a coffee tonight at the library, but that’s okay.

Overall, I’m feeling okay about this challenge. I don’t feel deprived. I’ve been able to go out for lunch/dinner with friends at least once a week. My grocery shopping is satisfying- I am not starving!

I think it definitely helps that I have been keeping busy with studying so I have reasons why I can’t go out for dinner, or hang out with friends multiple nights a week.

I’ve realized that it is mostly food, in some capacity, that I spend money on. Since it’s summer, I (and others, I’m sure) tend to go out and spend more money at restaurants and pubs than any other season.

As a rule, I generally avoid stores and malls in these “hard times”. Avoiding temptation is key for me.

How is your month going? Comment with a mid-month check in on your finances.



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