Vegan Banana Muffins and the Best Ways to Workout for Free

I’m always looking for ways to be and eat healthy. I’m always on the lookout for a great vegan recipe. Since I aspire to one day be vegan I’m trying to grow my recipe repertoire. I found this website: a few weeks ago, and I’ve been dying to try a few recipes. So far I have made these muffins and they were SO yummy! I posted a picture on Instagram, and they literally got more likes than pictures of my face do….


Since I’m on the topic of healthy, I thought I would also share some ideas on my favorite ways to workout for free. Even though I still pay for a gym membership, that I can’t even go to because it’s back in my old hood, I still do my best to stay active.


1. Running

Running outdoor is the best in the summer time! At night or in the morning when it’s cool. Just running around the park or on a path is a sure way to keep fit.


2. YouTube

There are tons, tons! of peeps/instructors that can lead you through a workout on their channel. Some of my faves:

YouTube is also great for Yoga or Pilates. Just search!


3. Pinterest

Pinterest has ALL the videos, pictures, workout schedules, workout challenges that your little heart and booty desire!

Here is my own board of what I have accumulated:


4. Workout websites

There is number of successful and really useful websites that offer workout programs for free. These are some of the ones that I have tried: and


5. Make your own workouts

Use websites like : that have a database of exercises so you can get ideas for exercises and put them together to make your own plan.


6. Running Clubs

This is a new way of working out for me. I had joined a Lululemon running club at the beginning of June and loved it! I didn’t know that I liked running with people, but I have only missed a week since.

Check your local Lululemon store to see if they have a running club, or check the website.

If not, grab a couple pals and make your own running club. Just make sure you are all committed to coming out each week.

Craigslist can also be consulted to see if anyone is looking for running partners/groups…but I’d be VERY cautious with this option!


  Those are some of the ways I stay fit for free. What are yours? Share any ideas in the comments!


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