Spending Recap July 14-20/2014

Day  Amount Item  Category
Monday  $         –
Tues  $  51.74 Loblaws groceries
wenesday  $    3.39 Whole Foods groceries
Thursday  $    3.67 Dollarstore supplies
Friday  $    5.65 Freshii’s restaurants
 $    1.98 Tim’s Coffee
Saturday  $  10.00 lunch restaurants
 $    5.97 Loblaws groceries
Sunday  $         –
Total  $  82.40

I went grocery shopping as soon as I got paid last week. I spent a bit more than usual, but I’m not planning on going grocery shopping again until next week.

Everything else was small expenses and some I could have done without, to be honest… I paid for that 2 dollars at Tim’s all day with a stomach ache (pun intended).

The lunch was a bit expense, but SO worth it. I spent the whole day at the library and needed energy.

The dollar store was for those porcelain cupcake holders for my muffins (they have an actual name, but I don’t remember it) and a new agenda since mine is running out at the end of the month.

I really need to do a no spend week soon.




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