August 2014 Budget

August 2014 (click to view)

I’ve been having a hard time trying to get my excel posted here as pictures… Sorry for the link instead of the actual budget spreadsheet.

For August, I took what I learned from last month (half a budget) and just increased it by $50 to see if I can stay within budget.

I don’t have much planned, so therefore, I should not be spending a lot of money.

August Goals

– Do Blogilates Calendar

– Run twice a week (preferably in the morning)

– Have one Raw Vegan day a week- I think I’m going to pick Friday or Sunday.

– Take BF out for dinner

August Challenge

I had trouble coming up with a challenge this month, but after seeing how much I spent on coffee and restaurants last month, I decided to do a LIMIT challenge.

Restaurants/Eating out and Coffee have a limit of 5 times each this month. As well as a limited budget of $100 for eating out and $20 bucks for coffee.

I really wanted to do a “No Coffee Challenge” but I really don’t believe I can do it yet. I don’t have coffee maker at home, and I’m not ready to start drinking instant coffee.

Any other ideas for monthly challenges? What are your plans for August? Do you think August will be more or less expense than all the other summer months?



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