Debt Payoff Schedule


I thought having something visual will motivate me to slave away at paying off this debt. 

I’ve heard of people having different pictures or “things” to represent their debt visually, but I haven’t found anything for myself yet. I’ve seen people do a link chain, leafs on a tree to represent a set amount etc.


This schedule’s start date is June 2014 when I had $10,000 in debt.

I liked the idea of having a reward for each step so that gives me an excuse to buy the things I want. Since I’m not shopping these days, it’ll be nice to have a taste of the normal life once in a while.The rewards don’t necessary need to be material things like clothes; they can be anything that I’ve been wanting to do or go to.

I reached level 1 within two months! Woot Woot

Let me know if you have any ideas for what I should do for a visual representation.



2 thoughts on “Debt Payoff Schedule

  1. Congrats on your pay off journey and your two-month milestone! I love that you have a reward for each milestone. That’s something I may try to incorporate.

    I’ve always been a fan of the fundraiser “thermometers”, but I can’t find any good ones for websites. I look forward to following your journey to debt-freedom 🙂


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