Weekly Spending Recap- August 18-24

Day Amount Item Category
Monday 0    
Tuesday 2.68 sbux coffee
Wedneday 8.1 david’s tea coffee
  1.99 pasta sauce groceries
Thursday 0    
Friday 0.8 Tim’s coffee
Saturday 45.17 gift gifts
Sunday 32.96 groceries groceries
Total 91.7    


This week was not so bad compared to the past couple weeks. Did a grocery shop, so I should be good at least until next week. The gift is/was for my brother’s birthday which is in September. So that’s a check mark off my list.

This week’s goal is to really not spend any money, since I had to pay for my fall course- and we all know that costs an arm and a leg. Plus, since I’ll be stuck in a library all week, there is no reason for me to be spending money!

How was last week for you? Did you achieve your goals?



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