Monthly Recap- August 2014


I’m sorry for the quality of the graphic. I need to learn how to make these graphics more clear on the blog.

I’m glad I got to make a few extra bucks this month, that was a nice bonus! If only it had covered the cost of my course, it would’ve been fantastic!

I went over everything this month, and even without the course fee, I am still over budget over by $181.12. Hey now! That’s not horrible! BUT it’s over by 60% of my original budget. OUCH. Looking at percentages really changes the perspective.

Everything is relative right? Since my budget is so small, a seemingly small amount ends up being quite substantial in the grand scheme of things.


Aug (click here for the percentages)

I also did the budget as a breakdown in percentages . I thought it would be interesting to see. I did this a couple months ago, and I think it’s definitely something that I should do each month going forward.

Seeing the categories as percentages, I don’t think any of them are outrageous. But, they can be improved. I really tried to stop spending as I knew the end of the month was approaching and that I would be over budget. As much as I tried, coffee and lunch were a must in the long days of studying coming up to the exam.

How did your month ago? Were you over budget or over budget?



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