That Time I Went Into More Debt



Last week, I had to go into more debt. Not to cover my credit card, not to cover my rent, not to cover any shopping trips I have taken lately (which is none, just to be clear), but to cover my education.

I really struggled with my feelings of guilt, sadness and failure last week.. I was overall upset that I couldn’t cover my course and that I didn’t plan for this expense in the past months.  Last month I paid off a nice amount to my Student Line of Credit and I was excited to continue on that path.

When I attended the meetup with Blonde on a Budget and Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses, everyone there, the girls included, assured me that “I gotta do what I gotta do”.  Education is an investment, and it needs to be paid for.  Another point that was made, which truly made me feel better, was that if I had waited and saved up to do my courses when I had the money, it would take a very long time to finish… and by then, I wouldn’t reap the benefits of advancing in my career sooner.

Was there a time when you had to go back into debt as you were trying to climb out of it?



2 thoughts on “That Time I Went Into More Debt

  1. I actually went back for my grad degree while still owing waaaay too much from undergrad, but I didn’t have the mindset toward debt that you have. I know it’s tough to see that balance increase when you’re working so hard to eliminate it, but Blonde on a Budget and Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses are right, education is an investment if thought through. And I think your mindset toward debt is more important. That mindset is what keeps you chipping away at the debt even through these hang-ups. So Even though you have to borrow more now, you understand the importance of paying it off and you’ll still get there. Plus the education should increase your earning potential making it a little easier. For what it’s worth, I think you’re still heading in the right direction 🙂


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