Getting Organized

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Alrighty! I am all organized! I like that I have just one spreadsheet where I will be tracking everything for the rest of the year! In the new year this spreadsheet will get a re-vamp to include all the months and also to include any feedback after using it for a few months.

You can download it here. It’s all pretty and colourful; but feel free to change it to your heart’s content. It has a monthly “calendar” which is a list of all the dates when bills are due. It has a couple debt tables,  savings account breakdowns and a budget template.


I’ve also downgraded to a smaller agenda to keep track of my spending (see above) and will not longer be keeping all the receipts- just the ones for big items…not that I’ll be purchasing those, so yay! Less clutter!


I also have a regular sized notebook to keep track of my financial thoughts.

Overall, I think this task was easy to achieve and will help me in the long run.


Any other ways you guys keep yourselves financially organized? Let me know how you like my spreadsheet!



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