Spending Recap- September 8-14/14

Day Amount Item Category
Monday 1.13 notebook education
34.11 groceries groceries
Tuesday 5.65 shoppers Personal Care
Wednesday 19.48 dinner restaurants
Thursday 5.00 lunch restaurants
Friday 0
Saturday 2.68
172.83 hotel misc
206.67 gift gift
Sunday 52.50 groceries groceries
Total 500.05


Quite the expensive week! Weddings are expensive to attend and I definitely did not save up for this one.

I went grocery shopping last night, so that should cover me for all of this week’s lunches! No lunches out for me! Or dinners for that matter.

I’m only at 2 take out coffees this month! So yay!

I’ve also been updating my monthly budget as I go each week/day if I am overly eager, that’s really helped me to see where this month is going to end up and if I can really be under budget.

How was your past week? What are some of the most expensive occasions you’ve attended?



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