Monthly Recap- September 2014

Here goes another month in my budgeting adventures. I feel like I’m sort of getting the hang of this whole things. It seems so easy in theory, but when I am living it, it’s a whole other story.

I seems easy to “only spend as much as you allocate”, but in reality, it’s hard to stop buying things. As well, things always come up, as much as I try to plan ahead- I always forget something.


Let’s see how September went for me:

Sept 2014 final


For one person, I eat out WAYY too much. My coffee intake was not bad, but I need to work to bring it down to.. let’s say once a week, so 2.68*4 (10.72).  In general, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to have an allowance of $5.00 a week for snacks or coffee, but right now,  I want to minimize absolutely all expenses.

I’m very pleased I came under budget for gifts, but the hotel killed me. If I didn’t have to pay for that, I would’ve actually been under budget!

I managed to pay some debt off, so that’s always excellent 🙂


How did your month go? Better or worse than expected?




3 thoughts on “Monthly Recap- September 2014

  1. I actually stuck to our food budget! It has helped since I have planned out meals for more than a week’s time. But we do use it all by the end of the month! Congrats to your paying off debt! Every little bit helps.


    1. Thanks Laura!

      I think the toughest for me is creating that menu plan. I never know what I’m going to want to eat/make, and for some reason I have trouble following a plan. I think I need to stop being so picky.


      1. It is very difficult especially since you sometimes aren’t in the mood for what you planned. I’ve become strict with it— and typically once it’s eaten I didn’t really care what it was as long as I was full in the end. It actually has helped me with some weight loss goals to take the “feeling” or “mood” out of what I am going to eat. But I still look at my menu and think “really…? I don’t want that!”


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