Spending Recap- September 29- Oct 5/14 and Check in for the Monthly Challenge

Day Amount Item Category
Monday 0
Tuesday 7.65 dinner restaurants
Wednesday 133.75 metropass metropass
28.65 groceries groceries
Thursday  0
Friday 40 flowers misc
25 dinner restaurants
Saturday 1.4 coffee coffee
Sunday 0
Total 236.45

Overall not a bad week. It was the beginning of the month so had to purchase the Metropass.

I also had an unexpected weekend where I attended a wedding and funeral in the same day. Talk about doing a 180 on your emotions. With that came flowers for the funeral and a dinner out on Friday night, because well, there was no other choice. I also needed a coffee from McDonalds to use their wifi in order to do part of my assignment.  Overall, a busy and emotionally exhausting weekend.

Here’s the first week and a bit of Creative Savings’ 31 Days to Drastically Reduce Your Expenses:

Day 1: Chip Away at that Mortgage Payment

Although this is not the case for me, I used these tips for my Student Line of Credit (SLC). I printed out an amortization schedule and will throw extra money at my debt every chance I get- at least an additional sum of money  monthly.

Day 2: Reduce Your Rent

This is definitely something I will use and think about in the new year when I move. Currently, there is not much I can do to lower these costs because I have a great rent rate.

Day 3: Lower the Cost of Home Repairs

Again, this is not something I get to worry about currently, but it will definitely be something on my radar soon.

Day 4:  Replace Big Ticket Items for Less

Reading this really made me think about the future when I do have my own apartment and will have to buy real furniture. This made me realize that I should start saving.. like now… for the months ahead when I do have house things I want to buy. Keeping in mind that for the first bit it will just be hand me downs and using furniture I already have.

Here is my home wishlist:

– L shaped couch (ALWAYS wanted one of these)

– TV (not cable, but for Netflix and movies)

– carpet

– coffee table

– kitchen stuff ( I LOVE kitchen appliances and baking ANYTHING)

I know this isn’t super specific because I would to see the space and think about what practical pieces I would need, but it’s just something to get me thinking about saving for something I haven’t really thought about.

Day 5: Lower Your Home Insurance Policy

This is not a concern to me yet.

Day 6: Save Big at the Pump

I don’t have a car, BF does- so these are good tips to share with him.

Day 7: Lower the cost of Car Repairs

Same as above.

Day 8: Reduce Car Insurance

Save as above. I really do think I’ll be looking back at this challenge and all these tips as I start having these things.


What are your thoughts on this challenge? Check it out and let me know!



2 thoughts on “Spending Recap- September 29- Oct 5/14 and Check in for the Monthly Challenge

    1. Thanks Kalyn!
      I love your blog so I’m glad you noticed me! 🙂
      I think this is a great idea and I just wanted to make the most out of it!


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