Intense Urge- Purses

ALL day today I was online looking for a new purse… SO close to going to a store. I haven’t bought one in a long time, true. The one I have now is super annoying and I can never find anything in it, true. But I don’t NEED one and I haven’t budgeted for one this month (please hurry up Christmas!)

This is what started it all:

ugh love celine bag

UGH I just can’t…. its so beautiful ! Needless to say it’s VERY expensive! It’s $2,000. Yup- totally crushed.


Love Jaclyn, she’s fab… and has nice things. Jealousy? Oh yes, I’ll admit to that.

Good news is that I stopped myself from going shopping in store today. Wrote it down, along with 4 other things I suddenly really wanted to save for and have in the future. If I can make a bag fit into my November budget, fine, but if not I’m going to wait until Christmas until a kind soul in my family or BF gets me a new purse. Just to clarify- NOT the Celine bag. lol.

How do you handle shopping impulses? Do you ever give in? 



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