Spending Recap Oct 6-12/14, Oct 13-19/14 + Challenge

Monday  $       5.30 dinner restaurants
Tuesday  $    26.28 groceries groceries
Wednesday  $    21.59 haircut personal
Thursday  $           –
Friday  $       3.40 lunch restaurants
Saturday  $       3.00 transit transit
Sunday  $           –
 Total $    59.57
Monday  $           –
Tuesday  $           –
Wednesday  $      5.50 laundry personal
 $    11.30 gym Gym
Thursday  $           –
Friday  $      9.65 lunch restaurants
 $      7.85 lush personal
 $    15.50 movie entertainment
Saturday  $    17.33 breakfast restaurants
 $    18.18 lunch restaurants
Sunday  $    74.00 Forever 21 Shopping
 Total $  159.31

I am very behind on updates. Sorry about that. The first week was not bad. Really REALLY needed that haircut, and for that price- don’t mind if I do, since it has been about a year since I last got a trim.

The following week was more pricey- obviously failing the “no eating out” challenge.

Speaking of challenge, here’s an update on Creative Saving’s 31 Days to Drastically Reduce your Expenses

Day 9: Slash Your Grocery Bill

This is definitely something I am interested in and want to work hard to still be able to eat well but not spend more than I need to.

I started using websites such as Budget Bytes that show how much each meal costs to make.

When I get coupons in the mail I use them,but I find that most of the time they don’t relate to me. What I do is use an app called Snapsaves and Checkout51.  They sort of work like coupons but instead of using them at the grocery store you upload your receipt once you’ve purchased a particular item on their list

Shopping my pantry has been difficult for a bit since I didn’t accumulate too much food since moving.

I like going to discount stores for big bulk items or pantry items. I don’t buy produce from these stores but they are great for stocking up on pasta or anything canned.

I am aiming at spending less than $30 on groceries per week. I’ve only been grocery shopping twice this month and both trips were less than $30.

Day 10: Eat out for Less

This is something I really need to work on. I’ve been so bad for eating out since I moved out.

Meal plans are a must. I REALLY REALLY need to get into the habit of planning what I am going to eat so I am not tempted to just go and grab something.

Using coupons when going out or going to eat somewhere that has coupons or a Groupon.

Not ordering drinks! I have recently gotten much better at just ordering water with my meal and it totally makes a difference. It feels awkward at first to just order water when everyone else is ordering at least pop, but get over it. It’s much better for the waist!

When I go out with girlfriends is usually easier to split an app or a meal than with a man who eats a lot, but it’s definitely something feasible to lower that bill, especially since most portions are literally enough to fill up two people.

Day 11: Cut Your Water Bill and Day 12: Lower Your Electric Bill and Day 13: Trim Your Cable Bill

I don’t have to pay for utilities so hooray!

I refuse to pay for cable, so double yay!

Day 14: Save on Internet Services

I got a pretty good deal on my internet service, but I really like Kalyn’s idea of just turning them off and using public hot spots.

Day 15: Reduce Your Phone Bill

I dread the day when my parents make me pay my own phone bill. That sh*t is expensive! And there’s barely any lower options.

My parents are going to get me in on the Family plan and change providers.

Well, thank you WordPress for deleting the rest of my post……

I had gone through to Day 21 but it decided to delete it. Luckily this part was saved.

I will have to finish the post later or tomorrow. I am too angry right now.


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