Spending Recap Oct 20-26/14 + Challenge

Alright WordPress, let’s try this again.

Day 16: You’re Halfway there

1. What have you learned about your finances so far — good or bad?

I learned that even though I think I already have low spending, there is always more I can do to save on the things that I want to buy. I also learned that I don’t plan for big expenditures.

2. Did you have an “aha!” moment during a particular topic? 

I think the eating out topic. Just say no to drinks, and I really eat out too much!

3. Have you made progress in reducing any the expenses we discussed during Day 1-15?

Eating out, I stopped buying drinks.

Day 17: Save Money at the Doctor’s Office, Day 18: Avoid Big Hospital Bills, Day 19: Lower Prescription Drug Costs, Day 20: Reduce Health Insurance Costs

THANK YOU OHIP! So happy for that 🙂

Staying healthy is my way of combating any costs.

I do have insurance, I use that for dental mostly. The only prescription I buy is birth control, and I get it from the health clinic so it’s significantly less expensive than the pharmacy. I have to get in the habit of planning for spending, because I buy about 6 months at a time.

Day 21: Save Money on Makeup

This post was written for me!

I’ve always seen the $2.00 off for Almay and Covergirl but I’ve never used one- so next time I’m buying those brands i will look for sure.

When I buy drug store brands, I buy from Walmart, I find it’s cheapest out of all the drug stores.

I make my own brush cleaner and it works amazingly! I’ve seen lots of DIY makeup on Pinterest and I would like to try some.

Finishing everything I have or buying something new is a constant struggle for me. I need to only buy things when I run out. I also want to minimize the amount of makeup I have. I’m not a make up artist so there’s no reason to have tons of different things of makeup.

Day 22: Afford all things Hair care

Hairrrr! it’s the bain of my existence! My long time friend and hairdresser recently moved cities and now I have to find someone else to do my hair! I have trust issues now, and I am scared.

For a trim, I just went to First Choice Haircutters, and they did a fine job for just taking my split ends off and for $21.00. Not sure what I’m going to do when I want to dye my hair or get a drastic haircut. Never mind the cost of some salons in Toronto!! That’s a whole different story.

Day 23: Find Clothes for Less

All of the advice on the page is bang on! I am all about coupons when I shop online and in store as much as possible. I never checkout before searching for a coupon on the web. I find RetailmeNot is pretty good.

I have had great luck with thrift stores and consignment shops in the past, but haven’t had the time lately. We all know those require devotion of time.

Sticking to the clearance rack is a safe bet. It gets hard when I want newer, in-season styles. But usually, it’s worth the wait to buy on sale. If the item sells out and doesn’t make it to clearance, I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Realistically, unless you’re buying a winter jacket or a bikini, most clothes work or can be made to work year-round.

Mixing, matching and creating new outfits out of existing pieces is definitely the way to go. I, for one, have accumulated so many pieces over the years, and as ashamed as I am to say, still have things in my closet with the tag on- mix it up and wear it!

Every season, if you just buy THE one or two pieces that are in style will automatically make you look up to date.

Alright, here’s the spending recap:

Day Amount Item Category
Monday  $       17.81 lunch restaurants
Tuesday  $       70.05 F21 Shopping
 $     196.64 framing Gifts
 $     163.85 ring gifts
 $       50.85 printing gifts
Wednesday  $          3.00 chocolate donation/misc
 $          2.26 wrapping paper gifts
 $     (33.90) return  Clothing
Thursday  $          1.75 breakfast coffee
 $          7.90 lunch restaurants
 $          9.00 tokens  Cabs/Transportation/Travel
 $          6.00 coat check entertainment
Friday  $          2.77 breakfast coffee
 $       32.22 interest interest
 $       22.28 BBW Clothing
 $          7.65 lunch restaurants
 $          9.02 party city Gifts
 $          5.64 dinner restaurants
Saturday  $              –
Sunday  $              –
Total  $     574.79

Oh dear, I spent more in one week than I did all month!

And I am absolutely failing my no eating out challenge. Ugh.

Birthdays are mega expensive! I can’t wait to see what the 31 day challenge has for reducing birthday expenses!

Are you participating in the 31 day challenge? If so, how is it going for you?

What are some tips you have for keeping birthday expenses low? Especially when both parents are in the same month!



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