Weekly Spending Recap- Oct 27-31/14 + Monthly Challenge

Day Amount Item Category
Monday  $       33.39 groceries groceries
Tuesday  $     612.50 rent rent
 $       23.70 internet internet
Wednesday  $          4.20 breakfast coffee
 $       17.78 dinner restaurants
 $       21.49 costume misc
 $          3.67 costume misc
Thursday  $          5.10 groceries groceries
Friday  $              –
Saturday  $              –
Sunday  $              –
 $     721.83

Purchases sort of slowed down this week, and I was able to get back on track. I didn’t finish very strong, but after the few previous weeks, this was not too bad.

Time to finish the 31 day challenge!

Day 24: Celebrate Birthdays on a Budget

Oh boy, don’t I know all about this one. Both my parents’ birthdays are in the same month, and the costs really add up. We usually don’t make a big deal about it, but this year it was my mom’s 50th, so it was a big deal! My parents aren’t big on gifts- thankfully!- but when it’s a milestone, I had to impress!

The best deal I got for the party was having a connection at a bakery, and getting two amazing cakes (one for mom,one for dad) at an AMAZING price.

Day 25:Cut Holiday Spending

This one is going to come in really handy soon.

The most important thing is to start saving money ASAP. Then, set a budget for gifts, this can be done as an overall budget or as a budget for each person.

I LOVE making homemade gifts-this is where Pinterest comes in.

I think where Christmas gets most expensive is in the “Let me get a few little things just in case”- we know those “surprise! I got you something” people that we need to prepare for. While it;s a nice gesture, if it’s not agreed upon, don’t feel bad if you don’t have something for them. This will be my motto this year.

Ask, agree, plan. Shop with a plan-or at least a budget!

Day 26: Grab Gift-Giving Supplies for Less

The wrapping part actually takes up a lot of money, that I never account for in my budget.

I like all of Kalyn’s suggestions and will absolutely use them this Christmas.

Day 27: Save Money on Pets

I have a little water frog, so I’m not sure that really constitutes. I buy him a little packet of food, once ever couple years. When I eventually have a big pet, I will have to use this tips because I have seen how expensive pet care is these days.

Day 28: Make Entertainment Affordable

I think the best way to save on entertainment is either do it for free, or at a discount. I like the Scene loyalty card that gives me free movies and saves me on popcorn.

Taking your own food to the movies or any other activity is a great way to save money too.

Day 29: Save on Household Expenses

This is not a big issue for me right now, but will definitely be something that will interest me as soon as I have my own place. These are good tips to share with my mom though.

Day 30: Eliminate Excess Debt

This is my main goal right now, and I have been focusing on cutting expenses and putting anything extra into my debt.


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