Day 31: You Made It!

I really enjoyed this challenge– it was pretty easy but effective.

Being savvy about the things that you buy and buying only things that are worth the price and actually needed is the most sustainable way. By sustainable I mean, not depriving yourself then going crazy and blowing a lot of money. Like with everything in life, the key is balance and moderation.

I am definitely going to use the tips as I shop in each category and see how much I can save.

Although I spent a lot of money this month (a lot!) I didn’t shop too much, I tried to save money where I could. I used a coupon from Retailmenot on flowers from my mom. That’s the only one that jumps to mind right now.

I will definitely be using the Christmas shopping tips, and the makeup and hair tips.

I think this helped me changed my habits and attitude towards purchasing “things”.

If you followed along, tell me how your month went in regards to saving and any changes you have made in your spending habits?



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