Happy New Year!

I haven’t been on here for a while. I lost some motivation to post. I really appreciate all the positive comments that have been posted for me. It was really cool to see that someone is actually reading. I haven’t been posting because I didn’t feel that I have been doing anything new with my money or really in life- just exams and work. BOOOORING.

But it’s the new year, and so, the prospect of starting over is sparkly and motivating. I really want to set goals and see how I can achieve them. This blog is a big help for that.

For the past 9 or so months that I have been writing in this blog and learning about personal finance I have seen a lot of changes in myself and my life and it has been great to be able to read back on them and reflect. As I said, starting my debt repayment journey and this blog has taught me a lot.

I now have schedule and a plan to tackle my debt. I have gone down to $6800 and some change as of Dec 31. The biggest help for my debt repayment plan is the automated payment twice a month. It’s not much- $100 each time, but at least even in the months when debt repayment isn’t the focus or money is low, that amount goes to the SLC automatically.

My motto for this year is Worry Less. I know that sounds pretty lame, but my worrying about the future and about things that I just can’t control is beyond too much.

Here are some other goals for the year, financial and personal:

– pay off all debt

– learn about investing

– make a plan for savings

– travel one place (even if it’s just the States)

– read 15 books

– stay on top of the Blog, post weekly.

– come up with more monthly challenges

– complete the 6 month shopping diet

– maintain the budget, okay to be over some times, but I want to be more months under budget than over

That’s it for the update, for now. I have lots of other posts and updates coming soon- especially to the website. Expect a name change at least! My birthday is in two weeks…

Happy New Year! Hope the holiday season was a lovely time spent with family and friends for everyone!



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