6 Month Shopping Diet(detox? ban? all of the above)

From January 1st to June 30th I am doing a shopping diet.

I’m doing this to get a handle on my spending and to learn to control my own consumerism. Life is about more than the things we own.

I will do my best to only buy the basic things I need. For 5 of the months it will be a diet, meaning that my spending will be restricted and I will give myself a small allowance each month for non-necessities. For one month (undecided which one yet) it’s going to be a total ban with no allowance.

Here are the things I am NOT allowed to buy for 6 months:

  • makeup, hair things, nail polish
  • clothes, shoes, accessories
  • electronics
  • candles and other home decor
  • eating out at lunch

Here are the things I am allowed in moderation:

  • entertainment: since my birthday is coming up I will be going out, the occasional movie is okay. I have already signed up to go to a concert in April but I haven’t paid my friend back yet. Drinks with friends are very limited- less than once a month and only 1 drink per outing.
  • restaurants: this is going to be the toughest. I feel that I eat out way too much and I don’t like it for my body or my budget. Special occasions okay only.
  • coffee: only allowed when I’m out studying. No morning coffee or coffee during work hours, or with friends
  • gifts: gifts for friends are okay, but they have to be reasonably priced.
  • personal care: when I run out of basic things like toothpaste, soap, mascara, eyeliner etc.

My allowance for non-necessities will be $40 each month. I will keep track of this on a piece of paper in my wallet.

I recently read about the latte factor and i want to somehow incorporate that into this challenge to help me actually keep track of how much I’m not wasting. Any ideas on how I should do that?? Let me know in the comments !!

Well, here it is. Wish me luck!


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