Why the Shopping Detox is Kicking my Butt this Month

This month has been extremely bad for my impulse shopping, eating out and just a general control over my money.

The month started out well since I was stuck at home recovering after my surgery, but as I started going out for appointments I also started going out for lunch and paid Target a visit.

The big issue is that as soon as you buy one thing, you get the rush of that excitement and that escalates into buying more things. For example, I ran out of hairspray earlier this month, so when I went to grab a new one, I ended up in the make up aisle at Target… and you know how that story goes.

The shopping detox is proving to be harder than I thought because, well, I like certain things. I like makeup, I like clothes, I like candles… And I like to buy those things sometimes.

On the other hand, there’s also things I like, but just don’t care to buy: books, music, going out (movies, bars etc) on a regular basis. If you told me I couldn’t buy a book, or go to the movies for 6 months I’d say “No problem! I can commit to that!” But saying I can’t buy a shirt for 6 months, I don’t think I could do that.

So, where does that leave me in this shopping adventure?

I figure I will rotate what I can and can’t buy each month. This way I’m still exercising discipline and slowly changing my habits. I’m not saying I’m going to allow myself a shopping spree, but if there’s one item that I have been thinking about for a while and that would add some value, that’s okay. I’m gonna up my allowance to $100 and only buy something if It’s something I’ve wanted for a while. No impulse buying for me.

What do you guys think about my revised plan? Any suggestions?



2 thoughts on “Why the Shopping Detox is Kicking my Butt this Month

  1. Sounds like a good compromise. Complete deprivation is the best way to break just about any good habit. And quickly, at that.

    Impulse shopping is one of a budget’s worst enemies. (Trust me, I know. My husband has severe ADD. Took me years to get rid of the worst of that habit.) If you can find workarounds, then you’ll have a lot more success.


    1. congrats on helping him kick his habit! I agree, deprivation can work, but in moderation. Sometimes I can go months without buying -insert thing here- but then I’ll get a alarming urge for that thing. I think finding a balance is key. If you’ve wanted -said thing- for months and resisted, if you still want it after that long, then I guess it’s okay.
      thanks for the comment!


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