TGIF: Accountability

A few months back I stopped doing the weekly spending report. Although not posting it online hasn’t really changed anything in regards to what I spend or don’t spend money on, I liked that posting them acted as a bit of a review of the week. With that, I decided I am going to start posting them again.

Along with that, I’m going to add some highlights from my week so that the whole post will act as a review and will allow me to reflect on my life.


Day Amount Item Category
1 Sunday 45 sushi (2 ppl) restaurants
2 Monday 8.4 tokens Metropass
6.75 lunch restaurants
1.05 donut coffee
25 pizza restaurants
3 Tuesday 23.47 Sushi restaurants
4 Wednesday 14.55 Alcohol (giftcard) misc
10.44 snacks Groceries
15 cab transport
5 Thursday 8.46 Dinner Restaurants

This should be the last week that I eat out this much/at all. I was cat sitting all week at a friend’s so grocery shopping and cooking were not in the plans.

New Blog of the Week

I discovered a bunch of new blogs this week, but I think my favourite must be:

I think she’s hilarious! She just started, but I can’t wait for more posts!

Best Thing I Ate

I really like food, so I think this should be a thing… reminiscing about the best food from the week.

A Swiss Chalet Veggie burger with the Swiss Chalet sauce.

Funniest Link

Hope everyone had a great week and is getting ready for a fantastic weekend! Temperatures are supposed to go up next week, so I am looking forward to that!



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