Beauty Subscriptions: The Answer for Make-up Junkies?

ispy oct 2014

This was the very first Ipsy bag I received, back in October of last year.

I said I would give it three months to wow me, but I was instantly smitten. Six months later I still look forward to every bag they send.

The idea behind subscription boxes is that you receive 4-5 sample sizes (slightly bigger than a sample size) of products to test each month. You can figure out what you love, hate, what works or doesn’t work for your skin/hair without wasting money on the full size.

Although, for people like me… it’s about getting all the different products, the different brands and being able to actually use products up. I love the sizes because honestly, they last forever. If I could buy all the products I wanted in this size from the drugstore I would be so happy. Getting 5 new products each month makes it feel like Christmas every month.

The cost for Ipsy is $14 USD which converts to about $17-18 CAD charged at the beginning of each month. Since you can cancel at any time I told myself I’d give it 3 months to impress me or I would cancel.I recently updated to the yearly subscription for $160 USD which was about $200 CAD.

I can see how some people think it’s a waste, but the products are usually really good and very personalized so you end up using it, and if not, you can always gift it to a friend or your mom. I personally like the makeup bags that come new each month, and the products I have gotten have always been great quality and great brands.

These are all the bags I received this year:

ipsy jan 15

This picture is unfortunately missing the eyeliner I received- a full size black eyeliner.

I loved this month- to this day, that lip ointment is the only thing that actually heals my lips when they’re really chapped. That other white thing in the top left is a face lotion which is all natural. The Pacifica eye shadow is a great colour and consistency and is vegan- it looks like a full size to me, but I’ve never seen one in a store.

ipsy feb 15

OH I loved this bag. Everything was so right on. The more often you rate the products you get the better it adjusts to your tastes and you get products that you are more likely to like.

The most recent bag:

ipsy march 15

I have only tried the lipstick (love) and the eye gels (love) so far.

Do you subscribe to any subscription box? Ipsy, clothes or otherwise? Let me know what your take on subscription boxes is.



2 thoughts on “Beauty Subscriptions: The Answer for Make-up Junkies?

    1. Thanks for the comment!
      I really enjoy Ipsy. I also tried Top Box for three months but I wasn’t crazy over it. I heard Birch Box Canada is pretty good, but I have not tried it.
      Let me know if you end up subscribing to any!


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