March Actuals and April Funds

This is my final March budget. Overall,I was under budget! YAY! (happy dance)

By no means am I impressed with how much I spent, but at least I managed to stay within my means.

Let’s take a look:

Living Expenses: I didn’t end up redecorating my room and I haven’t started paying for my phone bill so those were WAY under budget. I did get a prescription filled this month.

Food: I was pretty close. The spending was different between the subcategories than planned, but overall the whole category was good.

Transport: Under budget. I got a ride to and from work all month so I didn’t need to pay for the GO train only the subway. The only time I paid for the GO was going home from St. Patty’s day.

Debt and Savings: I was close to being on target this month. I budgeted to put extra money in savings but I didn’t set it up for the automatic transfer, so that’s where the discrepancy is.

Rest: I don’t even want to talk about this category… . 27% over budget. My God…. (face palm).  I am NOT proud. Sigh.

For the Goals:

– weekly spending update- Pass 🙂 I was late once, but I did it.

– under budget- Pass 🙂

– $100 misc- super FAIL

– don’t go crazy on St. Patty’s Day- Pass. I think the only thing I paid for was the go train home.

– Robyn’s bday- Pass:) Just went to the dinner portion- not club.

– room decor ($300)- I’m not sure how to go with this. Pass that I didn’t spend that money, but fail because I didn’t do it?

– bring lunch every day, only eat out for exam and first week while catsitting- just straight up Fail.

– no C/C- Fail

– sell/purge/donate- I’ll say fail, because I only have one bag of clothes to donate so far.

– file my taxes- Fail. Haven’t done them yet, but I plan on doing them this weekend.

– update debt tracker on website- Pass 🙂

Moving on to APRIL

April will definitely be expensive. My parents are going away for 2 weeks so I will have to pay for the GO train to get into and out of work.

I also need to upgrade my phone. The plan I have now is $30 or so. If I upgrade I have to pay a minimum of $80 plan. So having done the math, it’s actually worth it to buy out the phone. So that’s what I am doing. Hopefully soon- as in this week.

I have not gotten my budget to balance yet, I am $220 over. I will have to cut down on debt repayment by this amount or just wait and see how the other categories fluctuate over the span of the month. I’m just going to leave it for now. I did make an extra $250 in March so I am covered, but I don’t want to increase my budget since that amount goes to to debt repayment.

So wish me luck on making my April budget balance!

How did March end up for you guys and what are you looking most forward to in April?



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