Flashback to my Obsession with the Celine Bag


Does anyone remember this post? At the time I wanted nothing more than to be able to spend thousands of dollars on one purse!  A really nice purse, but not the point.

Many months later and lots of patience, I actually saw a picture on Instagram of a similar one. Many months after that, I finally ordered it.

Considering it was only $100, it was so worth it! It has fulfilled my “need” for a new, large and beige purse. To be honest, even if I had the $4,000 to spend on the real one, I don’t think I could let myself do it. It’s just a bag right? I’m not known to buy knockoffs but this doesn’t feel like a knockoff to me, it’s just… a similar style. This bag totally feeds my need for the original.

It’s great and big and decent quality! The sides open like the original, I just couldn’t get it to stay open for the picture. What do you guys think? Are you an original or nothing kind of girl? Or will you settle for something similar? -R.


One thought on “Flashback to my Obsession with the Celine Bag

  1. This post is a little bit older but I decided to answer your question anyway – I think brands are overrated and it’s totally crazy to spend 4000$ on something materialistic (the minimalist is speaking) if you could buy so many other things (travels, concerts, …) with that money! So I’d definitely settle for something similar if I wanted to have it desperately. 🙂

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