TGIF: Weather Finally Getting Better

It has been a pretty crappy week- weather wise. Lots of rain, lots of fog and coooool temperatures here in Toronto.

But after this morning’s thunder storm things are finally looking up. The air feels much warmer and the wind if finally not

This Week’s Links:

It’s been a pretty busy week, life wise and work wise so I haven’t really been browsing the internet too much. I did find some new beauty YouTubers that I have been loving: Kathleen’s super cute, funny and bubbly. I enjoy watching her videos they’re entertaining. and Nicole, she’s really funny and entertaining and her review/swatches of products are honest- so I like that.


Here is my budget used up for April so far:

Living Actual based on Budget %
Cell Phone 0.0%
Gas 0.0%
Groceries 0.0%
Restaurants 25.3%
Coffee 0.0%
Metropass 22.7%
Cabs/Transit/Parking 43.3%
Debt and Savings
SLC 12.3%
Interest 83.8%
Savings 33.3%
Savings for Retirement 100.0%
3% 100.0%
Misc. 96.9%

Not spending money is hard! I want things.. ALL. THE. TIME 😦 But I have to resist! I have been good, no lunches out this week, no takeout coffee, I did have a pretzel though…and a lip pencil that does not feather…

I am almost at 100% of my Misc category… and I haven’t even bought the items that I have planned for.. :s not good.

I took out a couple categories and combined them into Misc to make my budget cleaner. i took out Entertainment, Room Decor, and Leftover to make it consistent going forward.

For March I am going to increase my Misc Category, CLEARLY $100 is not realistic.

That’s my week so far, I’m looking forward to a warm-ish weekend 🙂

How was your week? Any budget revelations?



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