TGIF: Crappy Weather and Extra Debt Payment

Sorry I missed last week’s TGIF. I have the post started with a title and everything, but just no words. Here is a nice picture from last weekend to make up for it.

I got really fed up with the bank that my SLC is with last week and decided that I had enough saved up to make an extra debt payment.

Anyways. Here is this week: minus the Misc category it’s not so bad…. no, it is. See for yourself.


Also, my cellphone bill just came in so that’ll be good…..not. I am most definitely going to be over budget this month which I haven’t been in a few months.

This week’s fun links:– most of the stuff on the list is either easy to do, or you should be doing anyway, but I like the list.– I recently went through my closet to try to organize it, but I will be doing it again for my spring cleaning.– I really like this blog, I just discovered it a few days ago and it has some cute, interesting and practical stuff.
How was your week? Any exciting weekend plans?

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