April Actuals and May Funds

04 2015

As expected, I was over budget this month and basically failed every goal I set for the month of April… so now I am just going to pick myself up and start all over.

23% of my monthly income went to nothing.. not necessarily nothing, but not a goal. Also, the 3% that’s part of my Yearlong Savings Project should stay 4%- I did contribute 4%.

With May comes spring: better weather, fun parties, and cute dresses. Something to keep us motivated, hopefully.

05 2015

I mentioned in my previous post that I set up something called Blow Money. I read abut this in someone’s comments on another blog. He was saying that him and his wife each get $100 of their own money each month to spend how ever they please without feeling guilty. This is key because I always feel guilt when I spend money on random stuff (which doesn’t stop me, but never the less)- this is an association that I need to work on to get rid off.

I’m only giving myself $50 to start off and we’ll see how that goes.

I don’t have too much going on in May so I should be able to stay under budget and bank some legit $$ this month.

What are you looking most to in May?



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