Easy like Sunday Morning

I love peaceful, sunny and happy weekend mornings. Sunday is bittersweet since work is on the horizon, but you must enjoy!

This morning I really wanted some yummy pancakes. Sometimes I get strong craving for pancakes…never waffles though…

They’re super easy and yummy!

I cooked them in coconut oil for extra flavour.


Makes about 2 big pancakes or 3 little/regular sized pancakes:

– one banana

– one egg

– about 2 spoons of flour

– dash of cinnamon

– about a spoon of peanut butter (I only had chocolate pb, so I decided to put it on top of the cooked pancake instead of in the batter)

Mash banana.

Add egg.

Add dry ingredients.


Pour into hot pan with oil.

Flip, Serve and Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Easy like Sunday Morning

  1. Interesting – I use a lot more flour for pancakes, maybe a cup of flour and a cup of milk, plus baking powder. I guess the banana helps hold things together. Probably healthier than mine. One trick I learned with pancakes after a lot of trial and error – really whip up the eggs until they are fluffy for fluffy pancakes.


  2. Good tip! I usually don’t whip up my egg too much, i just mix it in! I will definitely keep that in mind next time! And yes, the banana really holds it together so you don’t need as much flour. If you try them out, please let me know how they turn out! 🙂


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