TGIF: This Friday Calls for a Celebration.. Errr… TGIT

It’s an extra long weekend for me, as I took today off to study.

I got side tracked on Friday and didn’t actually finish my TGIF post.

I celebrated my big milestone with a nice evening at home consisting of Thai rolls and white wine.

I think it’s finally starting to sink in that I paid off my loan. Every time I log into my bank account and see the balance at zero, it hits me all over again. I can’t believe I paid off $10K since last summer.

I am mucho excited to start working on some other financial goals.

But for now, here’s how this week in my finances went:

Latte Factor: I decided to up the ante and add the coffee amount to my calculations as well. This week’s savings looked like this:

2.68= 4*0.67 coffee
65.84=4*16.46 misc
30.2= 5*6.04 eating out
98.72 WEEK 2

I did have coffee once- which was actually Booster Juice, so it was a snack. And I finally found a great pair of shoes for the summer, so I bought those. This is getting a bit harder now. My ever growing list of  WANTS is helping me stay on track… sort of.

Improvement comes in small doses, right? The shoes weren’t an impulse buy- so that’s good. And I am spending a lot less than I have been in the past few months. PLUS I managed to resist placing a Sephora order this weekend when Ebates had it on special for 16% cash back. A friend helped me talk myself out of it. Yay! Progress!

I have gone over in all my budget categories, already…. but with the debt payoff, the percentages are skewed at the moment. I will be redoing my budget for June which will better reflect my spending patterns for this year. More on that coming up in the next week or so.

Fun/Interesting Links:

Making the most out of your closet-

This study about Canadian debt-

Something to think about-

Lipstick Colour of the Week:

orange lips

This is by NY Colour and I AM BEYOND IMPRESSED. It was like 4 dollars at the drugstore and it is AMAZING! This colour is called Get Noticed and it’s SO good, it stays on forever and it’s not drying at all. And to think I bought a $15 dollar orange/red lipstick from Sephora the day before I found this one ( I returned it, unopened, I was so impressed with this one).

How was your long weekend, my Canadian friends and your regular sized weekend everyone else?!



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