I am SO excited to be writing this post!

I couldn’t decide on a meme so I included all of them:

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With the help of my tax return, TODAY I AM DEBT FREE!

It feels so good, but I just don’t know what to do with myself! My money is actually all mine now!! WWoooo.

Debt is so normalized these days, at least in my house (but also the rest of the country) that it almost feels weird not to have it.

I have learned a lot about myself and personal finance since I got serious about paying off my debt.

1) It is doable. You CAN do this. You CAN pay off all your debt.

2) You have to want it. Bad. This will keep you going when you want to give up. Which you will want to at various points.

3) A lot of people think debt is okay. Do not listen to these people, keep focused.

4) Get used to picturing yourself debt free; picture how you will feel, what you will think and how you will act. This will manifest in your subconscious mind and it will happen in real life. Visualize as much as you can.

5) Keep track of the debt. Obsess over it (not in an unhealthy way). Have charts, tables, notes and vision boards. Whatever will keep you constantly in tune with the amount you have left and will keep you from adding more to it. Seeing the balance decrease is SO satisfying! Try it, you’ll be hooked.

6) YOU and only YOU hold the key to success. it is on you to come up with a plan that you can stick to, which will set you up for success. Establish a clear goal (ex: pay off debt in x months), set up a process, activity or whatever it requires to get to this goal (ex: set up automatic payments twice a month). Do not stray from the plan you have establish, you may tweak if necessary (ex: increase the amount of the automatic payments). But once you’ve put something in place DON’T STOP.

7) Live your life but DO NOT add to your debt. I probably could have paid this off a lot sooner, but I decided that moving out, and eating out was more important. But I made sure to still be able to afford a good debt repayment amount each month.

8) Every little counts. When you’re paying off debt- which has interest- even and extra $5 here and there will make a difference over time.

Besides feelings excited, I also feel relived and empowered. I did it! And now I can set up new goals to achieve.



12 thoughts on “THE DAY HAS COME!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! I’m so proud of you even though I don’t know you, but it’s awesome that you did it!! I’m sure you feel proud of yourself too and you so deserved it 🙂 I hope you’ll continue blogging anyway and can help others with your experience! xox

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  2. Thank you, thank you. I can’t wait to get there. My brain’s been buzzing with thoughts of how I’m going to get there!


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