Let Me Upgrade You- Budget June 2015

A couple weeks ago I read a finance classic: “The Richest Man in Babylon“. It was an easy read, full of stories with great morals and wise lessons.

Without too many spoilers, the budget breakdown suggested in the book is:

10%- Yours- Savings

20%- Goals

70%- Expenses

I am going to change it up a bit since I don’t pay rent and am going to switch the percentages around between Goals and Expenses.

So if everything goes amazingly- I should be keeping 80% of my income! I mean, it’s sort of a big jump and rather ambitious, BUT it’s something to strive for. If you shoot for the stars, and don’t reach, you still land in the clouds? Something to that effect!! lol. That is not even the correct saying….point is still valid i think!

june 15

I’m really looking forward to June. I am writing my last exam (hopefully) and summer will be in full swing. With that comes a lot of $$ commitments, but I will do my best to prioritize and not get carried away with too much spending on stuff instead of experiences.



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