May Actuals and June Funds

I can’t believe May has come and gone. With one more week until my exam I am ready for summer to be fully here and for me to be able to fully enjoy it!

No doubt that May was an exciting month for me, with my final debt payment it is now time for some new and more exciting goals- financial and personal.

Looks like a lot of things in my life are coming to a close. Unfortunately my exam results won’t come out until the end of July, but let’s hope for the best. It is definitely time for some change in my life. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds for me!

As for the budget… well, I was under. So that’s a gold star. I think I did very well with my Latte Factor challenge, which I will continue for June. I saved a total of $472.80 thanks to the challenge and I feel that “controlled” my spending a lot better than in the past months.

Coming up in June, I will do a review of my MISC category, since it has been half a year.

MAY 2015

I had a few unexpected expenses: education ( review session, higher phone bill and some groceries) I also drank  a lot of coffee on the weekends since I was at the library or was studying in the local Starbucks. But none at work!

As usual, Misc is significantly higher than planned for… but I only bought a couple things this month: a pair of shoes..err two pairs, a couple things of make up- just lipsticks, a shirt and flowers for a gift. So all in all, not so bad?….

Once I review all the Misc purchases for the year, I will update the misc category in the budget to better reflect the average of what I spend in a month, not how little I hope, better yet- wish that I will spend.

June is looking to be a promising month. With my new budget I am really trying to get a grip on my reckless spending. 

How was your May? Were you financially responsible? How is working on your goals coming along? Does it actually feel like summer for you yet?



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