On to Bigger and Better Things

I wrote my last exam last night (fingers crossed it’s the last). It’s been a long of year of course after course, thousands of dollars after thousands. Whatever happens with the result, I will shake it off and keep going ahead, no matter in what direction that is.

Speaking of direction, back when The O.C was popular, after the end credits they always showed a Toyota, or RAM commercial, I don’t recall now, and for some reason it always had sub-titles and it said: “Move in any direction as long as it’s forward”. That always stuck with me.

Whatever happens I will continue on. I have over a month until the results but until then I will try my best to forget about it and move on.

Next on the list is: Find a new job and get in shape. I desperately need to find a job closer to home! This commuting life, is not a life for me. I have gotten used to waking up early, but I’d rather wake up early and do something than sit in a car and then on the subway! As for getting in shape, I need to start exercising my lung(s). Since the collapse back in January and due to the fact that I’ve been sitting on my ass for a long time now (either at work or studying) I’m even more out of shape and weak at breathing then before. Movement is good people!

Not really aiming to lose weight, but just to exercise and eat better. Tone up as they say!

I have terrible self control when it comes to food, so we’ll see how that goes for me.

It’s only been about a month since I have paid off my loan, only 2 pay periods, but I feel more in control of my money now that I have ever felt in my life. I have set up the automatic Pay Yourself First of 10%, and continue to work on my shopping habits. I am, by no means anywhere close to where I want to be in regards to my consumerism, but I finally feel like I can get there. Money has been the focus for me for a while; so now I’d like to explore some different things in the realm of personal finance and personal growth.

So, that’s a little update from me. Hope you guys are doing well and are setting goals to achieve.

Upward and onward!! Or is it onward and upward?! I’ll take either!



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