June Actuals and July Funds

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 5.53.17 PM

My sentiments about the last month:


These images combined are more or less 100% accurate.

June was just awful for money spending.

I bought a lot of gifts, some expensive skin care after the effect of my exam stress and celebrated being done another exam and seeing friends that I have neglected for months… so basically, everything I did this month costed money. And lots of it.

Looking forward to July:

I am banking on things slowing down and me just enjoying being home or out but not going out.

A couple of things I decided to do in July:

Up my spending percentage to 30%, leaving my saving rate at 70%. I hope this bump will help me stay on course.

Something I want to do is, which so far I am calling “Double Trouble”- suggestions are of course welcome- for everything that I buy that is under the “misc” category or just not a necessity,  I will put the same amount into savings. Let’s say I buy a new lipstick for $7, $7 will go into my savings.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 6.01.36 PM

WISH ME LUCK! Seriously!!! Going from spending 65% to 30% surely won’t be easy.



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